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Xbox One can Speak with an Accent

The latest update July 2014 also provides a quicker way to see your achievements and "like" game clips captured through the SmartGlass app.

Xbox One owners will see a handful of tweaks in an update about to arrive on their consoles.
One of the changes -- revealed in June and confirmed Monday by Xbox Live programming director Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson -- will give you more control over your console's spoken language by offering accents. For example, beyond just choosing United States as your location, you can pick English Australian as your language if you'd like your console to sound like a bloke from Down Under.

Following the debut of the Xbox One in November, owners initially complained about certain features not working properly or missing. Since then, Microsoft has been diligent with regular updates to either correct issues or enhance features. Xbox One sales have also been slower than expected, so Microsoft keeps pushing out more features not simply to satisfy existing owners but also to entice prospective buyers.

The July update will also include a new snap mode for achievements, which means you can track and view your achievements without having to exit your current game. You simply double-tap your controller's Xbox One button to access the Snap Center and view your achievements.
Finally, you will be able to "like" game clips and other items recorded through the SmartGlass app. And for those who watch Blu-ray discs via your Xbox One, the console will now support the BD-R and BD-RE formats.


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