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Criminals Use 3D-printed Skimming Devices on ATMs Are For Sale Online

MANILA, Philippines – A retired policewoman has sought the help of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Cybercrime Division after she reportedly lost all her retirement fund amounting to almost P400,000 to ATM skimmers.

The victim, identified as Chief Inspector Anita Araullo who  used to work as chief of the Women’s Desk of the Manila Police District, told the NBI all her life savings for the entire 31 years of service were emptied in mysterious series of  transactions she found out has started a few years back.

For one day alone in August 2012, Araullo told investigators, she lost P100,000 in 10 consecutive transactions, despite having a daily maximum withdrawal limit.

 ATM skimming is done by copying one’s ATM card data using a concealed device attached to the machine unknown to the users. Like any good technology, it was only a matter of time until 3D printing was exploited by criminals.  If you see one of these devices attached to an ATM, call the police.  Since the devices typically operate via wi-fi, the criminals are probably nearby with Laptop.

Although the linked article states the best way to deal with this kind of problem is to cover the keypad, that's not really true.  There are types of keypad skimmers that fit over the top of the existing keypad and look just like the normal one.  These can be practically impossible for the average person to detect, just like many of the fake card readers that fit over the top of the real card reader.  You can cover up the keypad as best as you can, but that won't help if there is a fake keypad affixed to the top of the real one.

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3 ATM Skimmers which are:
. Diebold

These device comes with  Bluetooth or GSM ready
Which makes it easy to play from a safe distance..( Laptop )

Comes pre-install and Ready to Play.
Battery live is good for 2500 swipe before recharging

Full Kit Set:

Full kit comes with
1 GSM  or Bluetooth skimmer
1 MSR 606 card writer and reader with 100 blank white cards
1 Pin Pad
For $1350 usd

Tawag  dito ay  Diebold (yung pic sa itaas)

MSR 605

Package including: 1.  MSR605 Brand New Magnetic card reader writer Encoder
2.  Software CD
3.  Power adaptor  
4 USB cable directly
5. Clerning Card

Araullo said she only found out lately that her account was drained of her savings because she never checked, believing the money was safe with her bank. Her daughter has kept the card, but it was already too late when they discovered the anomalous transactions.

The retired policewoman then reported the matter to the Central Bank, but it was not immediately known whether they can still recover the lost money.

The NBI is conducting an investigation into the incident, but has advised the public to be extra careful about withdrawing cash from ATMs in order not to suffer the same fate as the poor victim.

According to NBI, to avoid falling prey to this notorious ATM scammers, one should choose to withdraw from machines in crowded areas like malls where it is difficult for fraudsters to install the skimming device.

Secondly, it is advised to regularly check your accounts to monitor transactions. Anyone withdrawing from ATM must also be aware of the people around, especially those behind in queues who may only be trying to get the opportunity to peep while the user is punching the PIN on the machine.

A reasonable distance must also be maintained between the user on the machine and the one next in line. The bank must also be informed immediately should there be any suspicious transactions observed.

The NBI also encourages cardholders to register or apply for a bank scheme that sends messaging alerts when withdrawals above the limit are done.

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