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How to Modify Android APK using APKtools

How to Modify any game or App, if you have a little brain, an idea and some patience. Just read below.

  • APKTool to decompile and compile APK files
  • SignApk to sign the recompiled APK files
  • JAVA RUNTIME download it on oracle
You can download it from HERE
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Extract the rar file on your computer drive  C:/

Step 1 : 

Extract the files and there will be four folders.
files , compiled, decompiled, and signed.

Step 2 :

Files  > Place your working APKs here  (any games or apps)

Step 3 : 

Open Command Prompt in the extracted folder

 STEP 3:

You can type the command on notepad then copy paste  on command prompt
Change the BLOGMYTUTS with the name of your apk file.
apktool d files/BLOGMYTUTS.apk decompiled/BLOGMYTUTS

The command is very simple save the decompiled files to decompiled/BLOGMYTUTS folder (d is the command for decompile)

Decompiled : The files after Decompiling your APK will go here. You can edit the files after      decompiling.


Mod and redesign  It is very easy to mod. Here,I want to change the driver head of Hill Climb racing. So, in the assets folder., there is an driver-head.png file.

It is obvious that this is the driver head image file. Now, edit the image using Photoshop (or anything similar) and change the head. Here, I have a child photo replaced the head with this one and that's enough!. Be careful, when doing this, the photo should be in correct position  and if the photo is transparent background the replacement should be the same.


 Compiled : After editing and recompiling, the unsigned APK file goes here. You cant use it before signing.
Time to recompile  - For recompiling, open command prompt and type the following command.
again replace BLOGMYTUTS with your apk name.

 apktool b decompiled/BLOGMYTUTS compiled/BLOGMYTUTS.apk

 Command b is for Binding.


 Signed  :  Finished APK, after signing goes here. You can install the APK after signing.

Now the final step. To sign the APK file, you can use the SignApk (Provided in the Zip file). Type the following command  replace the BLOGMYTUTS with your apk name.

java -jar signapk.jar certificate.pem key.pk8 compiled/BLOGMYTUTS.apk signed/BLOGMYTUTS.apk

Now copy your mod APK on your  android  install from unknown source.. ENJOY!!
If you wanna download my BLOGMYTUTS.apk  Click HERE

Pwede nyo din edit yung sasakyan tulad neto...
(You can background pics, car, body and tire  etc..)

Other Command..


Themer Editor Much Easy than APKTools on this tool you don't need to type any command you just choose and press 1,2,3,0 

Works on 32 and 64 bit  Windows (tested on Windows 7  and Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit)

What you need?
JRE 6/7 -download it from java.com
Any good image editor like l Photoshop, GIMP or Paint.net

Download Themer APK editor

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