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Off-Road Aero-X Hoverbike Will Be Available in 2017

Put on your helmet. "Star Wars" speeder bikes are now a reality with the Aero-X hoverbike from Aeroflex, now on pre-order.

First  prototype appeared late back on 2007, Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better like you driving a motorbike .

Drivers don't need a Pilot License , because Aero-X hoverbike is like  a motorcycle with steering wheels.

The Aero-X, a vehicle that makes low-altitude flight realistic and affordable. Flying up to 10 feet off the ground at 45 miles per hour, the Aero-X is unlike any vehicle you’ve seen. It’s a hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle - an off road vehicle that gets you off the ground.

The Aero-X can be adapted for unlimited outdoor uses: surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, aerial agricultural, ranching, and much more.

Or maybe you just want go out to the desert and fly.

Because the Aero-X is intuitive to fly, you can learn to operate it safely in just a weekend of training. It responds to your movements just as a motorcycle would. And it costs a fraction of even the most basic airplane or helicopter.   Maintenance is simple and inexpensive, as the Aero-X is built with very few moving parts and is powered by a reliable rotary engine.

Flight . . . easy, affordable, safe

Design Features

  • Intuitive pilot interface
  • Fixed-pitch carbon fiber fans
  • Four-wheel gear with castoring aft wheels
  • Two-position control bars
  • Carbon fiber composite primary structure

The Aero-X hover bike will hit the market in 2017 allowing riders to fly over the ground. Hover vehicles are not a new idea, but none have been successful. That will change in 2017. Then, the Aero-X hovercraft will hit the market, allowing riders to fly over the ground.

  • Price: $85,000 + CPI
  • Deposit: $5,000 USD, refundable
  • Deliveries: commence 2017
Performance and specifications are estimates only, and are subject to change. Price may vary based on vehicle options. Estimated Price is as of May 1, 2014 any CPI increase is calculated from that date. Terms are summarized for brevity, please read our
for full details.

Visit http://aerofex.com/theaerox/  for more info.

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