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What is DOST SETUP (Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program)

The Department of Science and Technology’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (DOST-SETUP) is a nationwide strategy encouraging and assisting micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to adopt technological innovations to improve their products, services, operations and increase their productivity and competitiveness.

SETUP was first launched during the Arroyo administration and DOST once again promoted it at the Nutricomnet Media Forum last November 16 at the D’Leonor Hotel, for the benefit of the private partners in attendance.
SETUP is DOST’s response to their public’s demand to improve access to technologies and breakthroughs developed by the different facilities of DOST. This program is focused in helping SMEs utilize and adapt technological innovations and scientific processes that improve business productivity and efficiency. 
SETUP mainly deals in technology transfer and assessment, but the project also offers trainings, consultations specialists and scientists from the S&TExperts Volunteer Pool Program, and seed funds to help business commercialize the technology. They also assist in technology matching, branding and packaging development, clean technology, energy audits, and efficiency management. This project is done in collaboration with concerned agencies like the Department of Trade and Agency, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Labor.
Priority Sectors
The Program focuses assistance on the following priority sectors:
  1. Food processing
  2. Furniture
  3. Gifts, housewares, decors
  4. Marine and aquatic resources
  5. Horticulture and agriculture
  6. Metals and engineering
  7. Health products and services/Pharmaceuticals
  8. ICT/Electronics
The Program enables MSMEs to address their technical problems and improve productivity and efficiency through:
  • Infusion of appropriate technologies to improve products, services and/or operations
  • Human resource training, technical assistance and consultancy services
  • Design of functional packages and labels
  • Assistance in the establishment of product standards including testing
  • Database management system
  • Provision of assistance for technology acquisition

DOST Strategies to Assist MSMEs

To attain its objectives, the program has five major strategies.

Provision of Technology

  • Technology needs assessment and sourcing of technology
  • Technology acquisition
  • S&T training
  • Consultancy and Technical Advisory Services

Product Standards and Testing

  • Development of product standards with DTI-BPS (Dept. of Trade & Industry-Bureau of Product Standards)
  • Product testing and enhancement of testing laboratories

Packaging and Labeling

  • Development of functional designs for packages
  • Identification and development of suitable or alternative packaging materials especially from indigenous materials

Database Management and Information System

  • List of available technologies
  • List of S&T experts
  • List of testing laboratories including available testing services
  • Development of website for MSMEs for product promotion and access to information

Linkaging and Networking

  • Raw material sourcing
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Equipment design and fabrication

Who may apply?

  • Any company or individual firm based in the Philippines and wholly owned by Filipino citizens
  • Any micro, small and medium scale business firm that can be classified under the identified priority sector
  • Any company or individual firm willing to apply technological innovations to their existing products, services and/or operations
  • Any LGU willing to apply technological innovations to the existing operations in their locality

What documents must be submitted?

  • Full blown project proposal
  • Letter of interest to avail of the SETUP assistance, stating commitment to refund the cost of technology acquisition including the proposed refund schedule
  • Financial statements at least for the past three (3) years duly signed by a Certified Public Accountant
  • Copy of business permits and licenses from LGUs and other government offices
  • Certificate of registration of business name with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
  • Board resolution authorizing the availment of the assistance and designating authorized signatory for the project documents(if applicable)
  • Three (3) quotations for each equipment from suppliers/fabricators of the equipment to be purchased/fabricated
  • Complete technical design/drawing of all equipment to be purchased/fabricated
Examples of the projects launched under this program are the Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX) for business in the manufacturing and food industry, the Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE), the Consultancy for Cleaner Production Technology, for businesses who want improve the safety and efficiency of their production process and minimize waste. The technological innovations that have successfully commercialized for Mindanao include the wine fermentation kit and vinegar fermentation kit for pineapple plantations.
Although most of the services are free and seed money is provided for companies that participate in technology transfer, the business owners will have to pay for some of the services like shouldering the expenses of the scientists that are flown in for other parts of the country or abroad for consultation.

Pwede ka pahiramin ng pera  pambili ng makina or makabagong  pamamaraan
Pakikilala ka nila sa mg companya
3 year  0% interest
Pwede nila pang i promote ang inyong product

Source : http://webgis.dost.gov.ph/aboutsetup.php

Sa pamamagitang ng SETUP   mga Teknolohiya  pinamamahagi ng DOST
Maari mag boost ang Production ng 50 % to 400%

Mga  Companya Natulungan ng SETUP

Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company, Inc., is a corporation duly organized pursuant to Philippine law with principal place of business located at Raw Brown Compound, Igbalanac, Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Philippines.
Ngayon sila ay nag eexport na ng  Muscovado  sa Japan  at Korea
 Visit : http://www.rawbrownsugar.com/

Jamla Corporation  - Isang  Kompanya  gumagawa ng Tablea   nag upgrade ng kagamitan  pang chocolate processing  at  nag increase   ang sale  at production  ng 78% .

Herbal Next - in the business of manufacturing and developing herbal health care products for a naturally-healthier tomorrow

Visit:  https://sites.google.com/site/dostncrsetup/home/ade-food-products

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