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Microsoft Introduce the new Windows 10

San Francisco – 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific, 6pm UK — Microsoft will unveil Windows 10 NOT Windows 9. The event is expected to focus on the changes to Windows 10 that will affect Desktop and enterprise users, though Microsoft might also show off some of the changes to the Metro/mobile side of things.

 But sadly, it seems Microsoft won’t be providing a live video stream.
I stay tune on live blog  theverge.com
"After the Build conference, mid next year" for Windows 10 release.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview will be made available tomorrow, for laptops and desktops. Servers will follow after that. It’s part of a new thing called the Windows Insider Program.

The Technical Preview will be available here: http://preview.windows.com/. 

Why Microsoft Skip to to Windows 10 ?
Belfiore: This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you'll agree with us that it's a more appropriate name.

Belfiore is demonstrating windowed apps , for Windows 7 users to get the benefit of the new apps.
"In Windows 8 when users launched a modern app, it sort of had a different environment.
As users start using these apps they should just feel familiar and work in a way you'd expect with a mouse and keyboard.The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps"

DEMO Windows 10 Preview  built Running on 9841


 This is for two-in-ones to change modes.
We're about to see a design study. "We call this continuum."
"With Windows 10, we think we have a better approach."
The task view is larger with buttons that are more touch friendly.
"In Windows 10, when you swipe in from the left, you get a task view."
So Microsoft is trying to keep some parts of Windows 8 alive here for touch users.
"The way we're going to evolve this touch UI, I expect that Charms bar to change."

 Windows 10 So even the command prompt has been improved.

Although it looks the same.
"This is... a geeky feature. I understand."
You used to have to trigger a context menu and hit the paste option. A lot easier now.
You can now paste in directories into command prompt with Ctrl+V. FINALLY.

"That gives you a look at the core experience. Not talking about cool new consumer features, that comes later."
"We want to deal with these different input methods in a way that works for everyone."

Multiple Desktops Feature

Belfiore is showing off the multiple desktops feature. You can switch between different desktops with multiple apps running in their own separate areas.
There's a new "Snap Assist" UI at the side where you can grab apps from multiple desktops.
Power users will love this stuff.

Universal search from the Start Menu, and web results.

The search experience has been improved here.

Windows 10 the next mobile/phone operating system

It’ll be the next step up from Windows 8.1 (which scaled down to 8-inch devices). I think there’s still some more work to be done here, though. about designing a platform for all devices. Microsoft: “We’re building a platform that scales, from small devices up to Azure.”

We're trying to blend the experience across PCs, tablets. The best way to think of it, it will be a natural step forward from the Windows 8.1 model.

  If you look at Windows 8 users on touch devices, they have higher satisfaction than those on Windows 7 devices. Windows 7 users have higher satisfaction on mouse and keyboard devices than Windows 8.

Watch Windows VP Joe Belfiore talk about some of the features in Windows 10, like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking. Learn how you can be part of creating the best Windows yet with the Tech Preview and the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 isn’t finished yet—it will launch in mid-2015

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