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Solution for dota2lounge website cannot access

I receive a message on Facebook  he  cannot access  http://dota2lounge.com/

I recommend clear  his browser cache  and delate some addons.

It didn't work..

I recommend  change his DNS  like

It didn't work..

I try to check on my on computer  same  I cannot acces error loading on page

I try to open it from my phone  weird I can access it..

It seems they having problem on hosting ..  It cannot load much traffic..


  1. Install Opera Browser
  2. Turbo Mode

Now http://dota2lounge.com/ website is opening :D

Browse faster on slow networks with Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo saves bandwidth and compresses data while you browse. It will speed up your browsing experience on slow network connections. You can read more about Opera Turbo on our website.

You can enable or disable Opera Turbo in the main menu.

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