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"Mouse Box" PC in a mouse

And you thought the Raspberry Pi was a neat little PC. The Mouse Box is an entire working computer that fits inside a mouse. Just plug in a monitor and a keyboard, and away you go.

Poland-based Przemys┼éaw Strzelczyk and a team of software developers working on a new concept have created what they believe is the future of desktop computing — a mouse that's also a PC.

Called "Mouse-Box", a wireless gadget that packs a 1.4 GHz quad-core ARM processor, a micro-HDMI port, WiFi up to 802.11n, accelerometer, gyroscope, two USB 3.0 ports and 128 GB storage space into a mouse. The only extra hardware needed is a monitor.

There are two USB ports on the front for hooking up peripherals, or you can use the Mouse Box as a standard mouse for your desktop or laptop. Then you can switch to your Mouse Box PC at the press of a button. Amazing.

It has huge potential for monkeying around at work, letting you play a game or work on your own project, then switch over to your business computer as soon as the boss comes sniffing around. Not that we would of course. Ahem.

Mouse-Box comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and charges wirelessly using an inductive charging mat that doubles up as a mouse pad. This means the device would never run out of battery. However, the hardware also includes space for an optional battery.

It also has a micro-HDMI socket, so you can hook up a projector or an HD TV and watch movies or beam out presentations. You can transfer data to it from another PC, effectively using it as a portable hard drive. Its 128GB of flash storage should be plenty of space, and you can bolster that with cloud storage.

The firm is asking for help in terms of feedback and guidance, so it doesn't look like it'll go on sale anytime soon. But here's hoping it touches down sooner rather than later. Just don't tell the boss.

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