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How to get Smart MyBro Wimax Default WiFi Password

This tutorial teach you how to get or hack default WiFi  Password of Smart MyBRO Wimax

Note : This only works on untouched or  original config, never change mac unit in short brand new or new installed.

Using your android phone you can hack default WiFi password.
Just like other Internet provider like PLDT they do same security password using Keyword + MAC ADDRESS.

1. Download WiFi Analyzer at Google Play store.
2. Scan  a MyBro  WiFi name (SSID)

3. Get the 6 last Mac Address

4. Minus 2 to last  character  (HEX)
7a9a07 - 2 = 7a9a05
If your found last is letter a,b,c,d,e,f
7a990c - 2 = 7a990a

5. WiFi Password Format
Add myBROWIFI+ last 6 mac  you get (capslock)
Now your WiFi password is myBROWIFI7A9A05

Why do Minus?
WiFi Analyzer only show the WiFi Mac Address  ( WLAN ) we need to get the WAN Mac Address
A Wimax with WiFi

03     -    02    -   01

Default Password  myBROWIFI + 6 last  (WAN  Mac Address Capital Letter)

Try also PLDT HomeBro Ultera Default WiFi : http://www.blogmytuts.net/2015/03/how-to-get-default-wifi-password-of.html

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