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DOST’s Free Wi-Fi P1.408-billion project targets to start rolling out by July this year

Based on the timetable of the March tender, the DOST-ICTO targets to start rolling out the winning bidder by July this year.

According to the TOR, the project targets to cover fourth- to sixth-class municipalities, which involve setting up free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots in town plazas, public areas in libraries and schools, and rural health units among others.

“Once fully deployed, the project will serve 105,000 concurrent users with 256 kilobyte per second (2mbps) each, which is the lowest prevailing speed requirement for broadband service,” the TOR said.
The average connection speed in the Philippines runs at 2.1 megabyte per second, with only slightly above eight percent of Internet users enjoying a connection speed faster than 4 mbps.

The project will entail the setup of 18,117 Wi-Fi access points all over the country.
The STAR learned that the winning bidder would also be managing the entire Wi-Fi Internet system.

According to the DOST-ICTO, the project would use Next Generation Hotspot (NGH), or Hotspot 2.0 technology, throughout the network to promote a ubiquitous ICT environment, the efficient use of private and public sector investments and a more competitive ICT ecosystem.

Casambre earlier said the government’s effort to make free Internet accessible to the countryside is seen to jumpstart economic development in terms of e-commerce, e-learning and e-government.
World Bank studies showed that for every 10-percent increase in broadband connectivity, a country’s Gross Domestic Product also increases by 1.38 percent.

Source: The STAR

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