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Download All Pictures and Videos on Facebook Instagram Vines with Pic&Zip

Pick&Zip is a free software that allows you to backup and download pictures and videos from Facebook, Instagram and Vine in a single zip or pdf file.

Download tagged photos of you
With this free software you can download photos where you have been tagged even if you have not uploaded them.

Backup your pictures
Pick&Zip is a great solution to backup all your Facebook and Instagram photos, with just a few clicks you can download all your albums and tagged photos.

Build your selection
If so you prefer, you can make a selection of the pictures and videos you like best among your own, your fan pages and those of the groups you belong.

Download videos
Now you can download videos from Vine, Instagram and Facebook. You can download from your profile, from your friends or videos where you have been tagged!

Visit : https://www.picknzip.com

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