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32GB USB 3.0 Memory Drive on a Tritium container

The gadget, designed by an Athens, Greece-based maker and prophet of what he refers to as the “Next Industrial Revolution”–3D printing or additive manufacturing–is digitally designed and then 3D printed in stainless steel (420 stainless steel alloy with infused bronze–40%).
The designer, who’s Etsy Shop, InnovoDesign , offers the pieces for $120 each, says he most enjoys creating “functional, innovative, unique objects and artifacts.” We agree that there’s something kind of retro and mysterious about this gadget. The texture of the stainless steel and the shape of the object are evocative of the Art Deco style.

The real treat, however, is the gadget’s unique feature: It glows in the dark.glows a satisfying, sci-fi green and ice -blue. 

This is a 3D printed, stainless steel, 32Gb Usb 3.0 Flash Memory Tritium container, with two embedded (non removable) 3x22.5mm tritium Isotype vials (green and ice-blue).

This usb drive offers lightning speed read and write functionality, as well as great visibility in the dark and a very interesting conversation topic! .

The vial itself is resin and, since it is carefully embedded within the stainless steel body, it is not easily removed or broken, so you needn’t worry about leaks.

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I already bought 1 of InnovoDesign  before " Classic Tritium Container ",  for $30 with shipping fee $6. I was amaze within 7 days the item came from Greece. Nice transaction and delivery. InnovoDesign  sell various unique design like pendant , rings and accessories like key-chain.

Tritium–symbol T or 3H as it is also known as hydrogen-3–is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. It’s not cheap; the market price for a gram of tritium is $30,000, which is why the InnovoDesign USB gadget costs just under $120. We think they’re definitely worth it. Those hermetically-sealed vials are amazing little light sources thanks to the gaseous tritium isotope. It glows without requiring a light “charge,” as is the case with most phosphorescent, glow-in-the-dark products. During the day and in well-lit spaces, you won’t see the flow. In low- or no-light settings, however, the gadget will basically be your tiny lantern. As its creator boasts, it’s a genuinely, “nuclear-powered gadget.”  The light produced is literally "on" at all times , it's  intensity isn't reduce after a few hours and it will last non-stop for about 20 Years!!..Speaking of which, it occurs to us that the thing resembles a tiny submarine–a nuclear sub.

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