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Adidas Avengers Special Collection

Marvel is on top of their A-game and they won't stop. They have become a beast in the comic book world and the film industry. Of course Marvel's merch caters more toward kids with toys and such, but adults collect action figures as well. So aside from the lunchboxes, video games, and posters, Marvel decided to do the ultimate team-up that even Thanos would be jealous of. With The Avengers having such a big impact on people of all ages, Marvel has teamed-up with Adidas to bring you a collection of some awesome looking shoes.

The shoes will be dropping very soon this Summer and they will most definitely fly off the shelf. With core members The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America getting their own exclusive footwear. The styles of these kicks are pretty rad, each being different with color schemes that match the epic superheros. Captain America's colorway will come on an Adidas Crazy 97, the Hulk will rock a T-Mac 1, Iron Man's is a Top Ten 2000, and Thor's is a lightning-accented Adidas Real Deal. Doesn't get much cooler than that huh?

There are a lot of sneaker heads out there who enjoy Marvel as well. They go pretty hand-in-hand, or even better, foot in foot. For anyone who has a fetish for fresh kicks they should at least like one of the four of these heroic pairs of shoes. So if your favorite superhero made the cut to get their own shoe, the choice is yours. WIll it be the super strong incredible Hulk with the ever so green kicks, the patriotic red, white, and blue Captain America's, the armored high-flying genius Iron Man, or the lightning God himself, Thor? The choice is yours, choose wisely!

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