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Globe Aztech DSL5018EN(2T2R) 4-Port ADSL2+ 300Mbps Wireless-N Modem Router with USB

The Aztech DSL5018EN(2T2R) 4-Port ADSL2+ 300Mbps Wireless-N Modem Router with USB host uses complete Ralink chipsets solution that fully complies with ADSL2/ADSL2+ standard.

The Aztech DSL5018EN(2T2R) supports 2T2R MIMO technology with PHY rate up to 300Mbps.

Targeted at the residential and SOHO users that desires high quality triple play services, it is the ideal solution to provide a 6 in 1 device for both Wired and Wireless connectivity via a ADSL2+ built in modem, Routing functionality for multi-user sharing, double-layer NAT/SPI firewall, 4 port 10/100 AutoMDI/MDIx Managed Switch for video application QoS, high speed IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Access point. and USB host for network printing and NAS.

Aztech DSL5018EN(2T2R) is TR-069 compliant. TR-069 is a DSL forum technical specification report that defines the remote control/configuration of CPE from ACS (Auto Configuration Server), TR-069 is also well-known as "CPE WAN Management Protocol". The benefits of TR-069 include, remote management, auto-configuration, dynamic service activation, as well as saving cost on customer support and logistics.

Security is provided via a double Stateful Packet Inspection and NAT based firewall. Hardware accelerated AES/WEP/WPA/WPA2 based encryption/MAC Address Filtering for Wireless links. Multiple session VPN Pass-through and DMZ support provide additional security support for telecommuters as well as allow flexibility while maintaining security against malicious hackers. Choices of Dynamic DNS server give users the flexibility of hosting a web or an FTP server with various domain names.

With Universal Plug and Play support, home networking becomes a breeze for everyone in the family. Multi Port Range/Popular Application Forwarding makes it even easier to select which application you want your network to allow while ensuring your security at the same time.

Globe  default User:
user: user
pass: user

Globe default Admin:
user: admin
pass: admin

Globe default WiFi password:

 If you want to change WiFi Password just simply click quick Setup...

Download rate 3mbps to 8mbps (Globe Internet)
Upload Rate  1mbps to 2mbps  (Globe internet)

  Vulnerability :
Open port 80,22,23 in short it can be remotely access..
Attacker can modified configs and get the PPPoE  account  user and password.
Once nag log in kana  auto log in kana sa susunod na pag visit mo sa IP address , so need mo mag clear cached dahil mag eeror log in ka ..

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