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How to Create Installer Using Winrar - Blogmytuts

How to Create Installer Using Winrar  this is similar to  my 2012 post  "How to convert  your ZIP or RAR file to self extract .EXE" file using free WinRar but this one has advance option. This is very useful if you send a file and worry about the recipient "Know How "to extract it

So... why not convert it to self extracting file. If you have big file you can cut it into MB size too.

On this tutorial  may Example is the IDM cracker version 6.23 build12_BMT_patch.


Step by Step tutorial :

1. Highlight your File then click add to archieve. 
   NOTE: DO NOT select the whole FOLDER only selected files to use.

2. Change your Archive Name and Click "Create SFX archive"

3. Click the Advanced Tab and then click SFX options.

4. Click the "Text and Icon " Tab Input   where is the destination Folder  Path , Location where to extract your files.
Example here is  Program File x86  for 64bit OS  of the IDM..

5.Input Title of your SFX Windows and Text... example Installation notes, You can add LOGO or icon also  here.. There is a icon extractor  available   click here.

6. Finally Input your License   Title  and Text

7.  This is optional if you want to create Desktop Shotcut just click the "Advance" Tab  click add shortcut  locate  your file source.

Example : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\IDMan.exe" 
without quote.

Final Step . Click Ok  to start creating dot exe file..

Bad thoughts  when ever  IT people see dot exe files they always think it was a Virus LOL..   -BMT

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