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Invalid Traffic - AdSense for Content

Today I was checking my adsense account and in my dashboard where it shows your total earnings of this month and your current balance.Under my all transaction section where it displays the transaction history (date and Description) and invoice another row is added and its written :

Invalid Traffic - AdSense for Content  debits 0.66  and then the $173.96 and my balance = 173.30

Expert says..Just as a warning depends on where it appears. If it's just once in a while, it's probably not a big deal. If it happens a lot and a lot of money is getting yanked back, then you want to start looking at your traffic to make sure it's targeted and correct, and also maybe look at your placement to ensure that your ads aren't too close to your navigation or can't be mistaken for it. 

Other opinion is that invalid traffic in this instance refers to invalid clicks (CPC) and invalid impressions (CPM), and as far as I am aware, AdSense does not adjust earnings just because clicks / impressions came from a particular traffic source. For that reason, I wouldn't use the term 'invalid traffic' in relation to traffic source, except perhaps for some specific traffic types, such as PTC, which are artificially generated for the sole purpose to generate ad clicks.

For example, if I have a site targeted to one state in the US and suddenly I start getting a bunch of traffic from Russia that is clicking on ads, then there's obviously something wrong there, no matter how the traffic came to be there.

 I think that even if the bulk of the traffic comes from social networking sites (through personal and social connections and recommendations, rather through search), for example, the site engages with the readers and creates or raises pain points that the advertisers on the site address, then that can represent a good ROI for the advertisers, and that would be a good traffic profile.

'Invalid traffic' includes both clicks and impressions on AdWords ads that Google suspects to not be the result of genuine user interest. This covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks and other mechanically generated traffic. Although advertisers are not charged for these clicks or impressions, this traffic may still result in valuable site visits and conversions.

 If the adjustments represent a very small proportion of your earnings, then I wouldn't worry about them: invalid clicks occur every so often.

So I would argue, that while the quality of the incoming traffic profile to the site is important (a traffic profile that's unlikely to convert for the advertisers isn't normally going to turn into a traffic profile that converts), but arguably more important is the quality of the outgoing traffic to the advertisers.

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