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PickMeApp Silent Install Your Porgrams to Another PC

PickMeApp is a portable software tool transferring about a million personalized programs from one PC to another. PickMeApp's  ‘Add and Remove Programs' like interface guides you through the transfer of selected programs without the need to locate CDs or repeat any lengthy installations. When complete, all your programs and customizations will be transferred intact to the new PC.  No changes are made to the original installations, and the transfer can be easily reversed.

PickMeApp Beta is the only free program transfer tool upgrading Windows XP to Window 7!

And PickMeApp is much more than an easy copy and paste of installed programs:

By managing programs and their settings PickMeApp becomes a part of the integrated Backup and Recovery strategy for your entire PC.

PickMeApp is a must-have tool for end-user software refurbishment, diagnose and programs updates of Windows PC.

Find out how PickMeApp  converts any removable storage to a Swiss knife for a streamlined management of Windows environments.

Watch the Demo Video How you can Transfer  Your Ms Office on XP to another PC with Window 7.

PickMeApp becomes your ultimate Application Manager. Now, together with programs & settings transfer, PickMeApp helps you to discover, download and install any existing Windows applications with just a few clicks.

The PickMeApp distribution includes the PickMeApp Collection  of  120 popular one-click installable programs.
All included programs are the latest releases linked directly to their original publisher sites.

- Those applications can be installed at once by PickMeApp .
- All installation work is done in the background.
- Applications are downloaded from each publisher's official site.
- The applications will be installed in their default locations.
- They will not bother you with any choices or options.
- They will be installed without extra junks like toolbars or etc.
- They will skip any reboot requests from installers. So please restart PC manually at the end.

NOTE: Do Not Download the Light version  it silent  install toolbars with ads

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