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Razer’s Android-based Forge TV console only $100

Razer’s Android-based Forge TV console allows you to stream games from a PC to your TV, and it’ll be available soon for only $100. It also isn’t so tied to Steam, so it’ll help you stream non-Steam games to your TV with less hassle. - Imagine the gaming experience on your living room 60-inch HDTV.

The company’s new micro-console offering, Forge TV, lets you play many Android games on your TV and even supports up to four new Razer Several controllers for a true console-like social gaming experience.

Razer’s ForgeTV cleverly lets you stream pretty much any DX9 or newer game to the Forge TV—from Steam, Origin or U-Play. Sorry, Valve—your Steam-only consoles need to loosen up. Talking about compressing a game in real-time and spitting it across your WiFi or ethernet connection to another room and dealing with the input lag from the controller.

Playing a game using the Forge TV and Serval controller with no Lag.

Razer Bluetooth Wireless Controller is able to navigate and play games on Razer Forge TV. The controller is designed by the same Razer engineering team that created the award-winning Razer Sabertooth Xbox controller. With four action buttons, two thumb sticks, and trigger and bumper buttons, the Razer Serval enables play with any controller-ready Android TV game or Android mobile game on-the-go using the device’s phone clip. The versatile gaming controller has the ability to remember up to four unique device pairings, making the switch between the Razer Forge TV, mobile phone, tablet, and PC easy without having to worry about multiple controllers and settings.
Razer’s new $130 Turret lapboard -The concept of a lapboard isn’t new. Since the only way to get a mouse and keyboard out of a PC gamer’s hands is to pry it from their cold dead hands, peripheral makers have been trying to find a way to get the same controls to the living room for years.

Razer’s take is quite clever though. Besides the keyboard with attached mouse pad design we’ve seen before, the company thinks it has solved or at least mitigated the problem with the mouse by putting magnets into the mousepad. 

This helps keep the mouse from sliding off the mouse pad when you stop to type an in game chat message.

Don’t think the magnets are strong enough to let you tilt the Turret vertical without the mouse flying off.

Razer Forge TV was built to bring hard-core gaming and entertainment to the big screen. Forge TV opens the gateway for next-level Android gaming that is designed for the serious gamer. Intense Full HD graphics combined with the Razer Serval controller provide the detail and precision that is needed to dominate the living room.  Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 quad-core processor and gaming-grade graphics with 16 GB of internal storage, the Razer Forge TV has the performance to tear through Full HD games and media. Get access to blazing fast connectivity and media streaming with Wireless AC and Gigabit Ethernet.

All this power and performance has been engineered into a sleek and compact design featuring a silent thermal solution. 

Not available in the Philippines

source: http://www.razerzone.com/press/detail/press-releases/razer-forge-tv-combines-android-and-pc-gaming-for-the-living-room

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