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How to Fix Windows 10 Installation Error "Something happend"

How to Fix Windows 10 Installation Error "Something happend"

Maybe  some of  you  having this issue the Installation required  US  location .. similar to Cortana  to make it enable outside US region..

To fix this error message...

1. Go to Control Panel->Region and Language->Administrative tab->Change system locale->choose English (US).

After Changed Language to EN-US
Restart your PC  and try the setup again

2. Kept trying at the downloader kept failing  Media Creation Tool (Something happened) but became a normal looking error rather than the blue thing.

DELETE  The Folder $Windows.~BT  located on Drive C:  if you can not see this  ..Go to Folder option enable  Show Hidden files..

Redownloaded the downloader and its working fine now.

I think the language might just have taken a while to register on the system, or the old downloader might have been confused by the new language?

3. If you use MOUNT  ISO on Virtual disk  try to  make Windows 10 USB bootable the link is available below..


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