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Uber-Trekkie CEO Built 100 Million Euros Office Building That Looks Like The Star Ship Enterprise

There are a lot of fandoms out there from Comics, to Star Wars, but one of the biggest and oldest is Star Trek. This is a massive fan base and rightfully so. Star Trek predates Star Wars and is credited for having some of the first conventions dedicated to just Star Trek. They even made up a name for their fans of the shows, trekkies.

So there are trekkies and then there are uber-trekkies. Chinese multi-millionaire Liu-Dejian is the latter. This guy is crazy about Star Trek and might be its biggest fan, or at least the fan with the most money. Not to be outdone by Apple’s new office building, Liu-Dejian set out to create the ultimate office building/experience.

He spent over 100 million euros to build an office that looks exactly like the starship enterprise, the main ship in Star Trek. The project which took over six years to build has been officially licensed by Star Trek. The building is as big as three football fields and even comes with automatic sliding gates between each working area. Now that is cool!.

The 43-year-old Liu-Dejian makes all of his money as the chairman of China’s most popular Internet provider for mobile devices. He has more money than the Queen of England, and is an uber-trekkie, so it is no surprise he spent the amount of money he did, to create the coolest building in the world. Check out the video below and see for yourself how awesome this building is!

Liu Dejian who is the creator of the gaming company NetDragon (and one of China's wealthiest men) decided to put a little fanboy spin on his company's building because boring office buildings are so 2014. The greatest part is Djian's lawyers had to send CBS, the owners of the Star Trek name, any of the show's likenesses and creations, documents asking for permission to construct the Enterprise building in the first place. Apparently CBS thought they were joking when first asked but eventually gave permission.

With measurements of 850 feet long and 300 feet wide with six floors total, NetDragon spent nearly $100 million to build the Enterprise look-a-like with construction finished by October. Just in time for a Halloween party! I wonder who had the balls to not dress up as a Star Trek character that year.

On top of employees working out of a sweet Enterprise replica, the company also owns more than a few tennis courts, a football field, a swimming pool and a T-Rex skeleton replica. My brain just melted a little.

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