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eBay and PayPal are now separate companies

eBay and PayPal are now separate companies, which means we are no longer part of the same group of companies. But you can be confident this won’t change our commitment to our customers. We're more excited than ever to bring you a seamless, enjoyable experience.

You can keep using PayPal on eBay just like you do today – that won’t change. And you can still enjoy PayPal Purchase Protection programs.

We’ll also continue to share some customer information between eBay and PayPal to provide you the same level of customer support and fraud detection.

We’ve updated our user agreements and privacy policies to describe how we’ll protect and share your information. For example, eBay and PayPal will work together to:
  1. Detect potential fraud and protect your account
  2. Provide you customer support
  3. Process payments, and offer shipping and related services
You can read our full terms for all the details.
eBay User AgreementPayPal User Agreement
eBay User Privacy NoticePayPal Privacy Policy

Original post : https://www.paypal.com/ph/webapps/mpp/paypal-ebay-update

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