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How to Change Country Location in Google Play

If you bought a Phone in other country noticed would like to change your play store location to US (as I'm from Ph, just don't currently live there example only), there are a few apps I would like but are "currently unavailable in your location". Example Cortana 

NOTE: VPN can not change your Google Apps Location

You'll have to go to Settings-->More-->App manager-->Google Play Store

1. Go into google wallet and Playstore payment and remove the credit card details that you used in your previous country. Now key in the new credit card details of your new country. Then do a dummy purchase from google playstore - proceed to buy, and at the last stage cancel the purchase.

NOTE: google lets you refund and uninstall that app immediately.

You can do this also on PC .

2. Hold the google playstore icon for a few seconds, until the screen shows the "property" icon for google playstore. Open propeties for google playstore, and uninstall the updates (that you may have installed in the previous country). You will be asked whether you would like google playstore to be reverted to factory settings. Say yes.

3. Reboot the phone. Then click the playstore icon, and agree to the terms and conditions, and enter the store. Now you will notice that the prices are indicated in the local currency. 

Option 2

 Logged into Google wallet with gmail id.
  1. - Remove old credit cards from old country and added your new credit card from US with my US address.
  2. - Changed default shipping address to US and removed my old address (deleted it)
  3. - Cleared data/cache of your Play Store and restarted your device.
  4. - After that logged in again but still I found the same old play store.
  5. - Contacted tech support and told you that the steps you did are enough and I just have to wait for 24 hours. (optional)
  6. - Next day opened the Play store (with out any cache clearing etc.) and found all apps showing prices in US dollar.

Note: There is no need at all to purchase an app (as I have noticed several people suggesting the same). In my case I did add my credit card but I did not purchase any app.

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