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How to Change Windows 10 Default Web Browser

If you upgrade to Windows 10, it automatically sets your default web browser to Microsoft’s new Edge.

Microsoft Edge first release was codenamed "Spartan", is a "light-weight" browser with extension support, and multiple sources a replacement for Internet Explorer IE.

Edge  is an entirely new browser that will use Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine (as opposed to WebKit). But Internet Explorer isn't going away completely.

Windows 10 upgrades handle browser settings, even if you defaulted to Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Windows 10 doesn’t uninstall your previous browser of choice, it’s easy to change the operating system’s default web browser back again.

Here, how to change default browser to your favorite ..

1. Go to New Notifications  on the lower right of your desktop.
2. Click All settings
3. click System

4. Click the Default Apps

5. Find Web Browser and then click Microsoft Edge , now choose your default browser.

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