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How to Google Search by image - Reverse image search

How to Google Search by image or Reverse image search 
Most of the time I encounter people  asking "what is the title of the picture? " Who is on the picture?" 
I answer them even I dont know who what is  on that image..

How ?

On any website, right-click an image and select Copy image URL. Visit images.google.com or click the camera icon in the search box on any Images results page . Paste the URL you copied into the box. 

You can also upload pictures on   https://www.google.com.ph/searchbyimage/upload

Example here a lady ask me ..

I open the image and right click "Search Google for this image"

Google gave me answer..

Another Example  another women ask what is the title of the screenshot a picture taken from a video..
This is a little bit harsh ..
Note: This is  for educational purposes reverse image search ..

Search results.. just click one link..

 I got the exact video

We ca not understand Google Translate will do the  job.. now we got the title were looking for.

Another one  asked me what is the title of a movie clip..
Here what I do.. I play the Video take a snapshot / printscreen .
Upload the snapshot on Google image search..

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