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How to link Author Profile or Page Link on each Website link or Blog Posted or Shared on Facebook

If you are a author of a blog or website you can link your Facebook Profile on a link posted or shared on Facebook. By adding a simple meta tags article author on your blog or website template..

Readers can click the author profile and increase your follower or friends..

Sample here sharing a post when you point your mouse at the author name it will pop out author Facebook profile.. 

<meta content='https://www.facebook.com/234956219940322' property='article:author'/>

Even in Facebook post  the Author Profile will be visible..

For Privacy concerned... You can also put Facebook Page ID as a Author if you don't want to expose your self  LOL.

How To Get Your Facebook ID

1. You have to get your Facebook Profile ID number

Facebook  open graph is no longer working  so the alternative is to go on this website
Just paste your Facebook profile link to get your Facebook Profile ID

2. To get your Facebook Page ID, just go to About ...

Now  browse down  get your Facebook Page ID

How to Put Meta Tags

1. Go to your Blog Template  EDIT

2. Find </head> 

 Paste the code before the </head>  Change the ID with your own.. the click SAVE

<meta content='https://www.facebook.com/234956219940322' property='article:author'/>

 3.  To test the author meta tags  visit  Facebook debug tools


Paste a sample post link from your website or blog , then click Fetch new scrape info

You should see  BY  Name is Hypelink or color blue

Now try to share the post... If you see your Profile Pop out when you click the author name.. Congrats!!

  Posted link on a comment...

Debug Tools is use to scrape new information on your post, this is how facebook display your information visible on social media.. You don't have to debug  on every post.. when you have new post new information is auto scrape all the meta tags and og type..

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Thuận Trần said...

This is a great article. I've got it but i find my facebook by another site

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