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Kickstarter for MEGABOTS Upgrade - Team USA GiantT Robot To Dual Against Japan

American robotics company called, Megabots, premiered their giant mech to the world. This thing quickly took over the Internet because it was a giant robot that was piloted by humans, Gundam Wing anyone?

During the same unveiling the guys over at Megabots issued a challenge to their Japanese counterparts, Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Suidobashi had beat the Americans to creating a giant piloted robot.

So in order to try and get some credibility back, they challenged them to a giant robot duel. East versus West. America versus Japan.

READ: Giant Robot Vs Giant Robot, America Vs Japan

MegaBots, Inc. has spent the past month and a half assembling an unbelievable crew to take on Suidobashi Heavy Industries in the giant robot duel. Grant Imahara, the founders of BattleBots, Peter Diamandis, NASA, Autodesk, Howe & Howe Technologies, IHMC and FonCo Creative Solutions have banded together with MegaBots to build the most American robot ever to take down Japan

  • Fonco Creative Services - Armor and Pain Job  ( Known for their StarWars designed)
  • Autodesk - Design Software and Tools
  • IHMC Robotics - Balance Control System
  • Howe & Howe Technologies - High Performance Track Base
  • Grant Imahara  - Mythbusters, Idustrial Light and Magic
  • NASA - Life and Safety System
  • Peter Diamandis - Founder of the X- Prize
  • Trey Roski and Greg Munson - Founders of BattleBots


Kickstarter campaign to upgrade the Mk.II!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/megabotsinc
Instagram: http://instagram.com/megabotsinc/

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