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Microsoft's Sway storytelling app now available for the new Windows 10

Still use PowerPoint  for presentation program? Microsoft's own alternative, called Sway. A new presentation program is now available on Windows 10 devices and Apple products.

It's a fresh competitor to PowerPoint, Microsoft's own ubiquitous presentation tool, and a reaction to increasingly popular alternatives like Prezi and Canva, which offer slick, cheaper and more modern takes on presentations and slideshows.

Microsoft announced Wednesday that Sway is now generally available for PCs and tablets running its Windows 10 software, which was released on July 29. Sway was also previously available in its beta testing phase for Apple's iPhone and iPad and within a Web browser.

You can download it now on Microsoft Apps Store for Free!! 
Read more : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/sway/9wzdncrd2g0j

  •     Tell your story with interactive content
  •     See suggested search results based on your content
  •     Instantly transform your Sway with great designs
  •     Easily share and collaborate by sending a link
  •     Syncs through the cloud
  •     View and edit across your devices
  •     Sign-in with your work, school or Microsoft account


  •     Use your microphone
  •     Use your webcam
  •     Access your Internet connection
  •     Access your Internet connection and act as a server.

In many ways, Sway represents how Microsoft is trying to change up its business. Under the stewardship of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has spent the past 18 months transforming its products and its approach to customers. It's moved away from selling software at flat (and high) prices in favor of offering subscriptions to its Internet-based apps and services. To promote those services, Microsoft has been giving away software for free, often on mobile devices made by competitors, and then charging for extra features down the line through products like its subscription service Office 365. 

Sway does not require such a subscription, which marks it as one of the rare pieces of software that Microsoft is using to prove that it has the software chops to make a hit app and give it away free of charge. The service follows Microsoft's strategy of playing nice with other companies' products, so Sway will let users pull in videos from Google's YouTube, looping images from Twitter's Vine app and tunes from music service Soundcloud. That openness gives Sway a broader appeal and will ensure that younger users who use software and online services from a variety of different companies don't feel constrained only to Microsoft products.

Sway is also important because it is not PowerPoint. Microsoft's flagship presentation software, which launched 25 years ago with Microsoft Office.

Sway, like the Internet Explorer browser that was replaced by all-new Edge browser in Windows 10, is a way for Microsoft to deliver a similar product outside the confines of a legacy PowerPoint cannot escape.

Microsoft says Sway is designed to accomplish different tasks than PowerPoint, like interactive storytelling that lets the software make design choices such as slide color and placement of photos instead of forcing the user to. That makes it simpler, the company says, as an attractive option for businesses and students who don't want to get in the weeds with PowerPoint.

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