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New Firefox 40.0 Can Use Cortana Web Search

Firefox 40.0 sticks it to Microsoft, redirects Cortana searches in Windows 10. Users who set Firefox as their default browser can use Cortana web search with whatever search engine they want, instead of just Bing.

However, the newly released Firefox 40, which is the first version of the browser that bring full support for Microsoft’s latest operating system, users no longer have to use Bing for web searches from Cortana on the taskbar.

Instead, Firefox shows results from whatever search engine the user has selected as default.

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Now that’s what you call, sticking it!

If you upgrade to 40.0 this link will pop out  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/windows-10/welcome/

Obviously, Firefox is not the only way to replace Cortana searches from Bing to Google, or whatever search engine. However, it is currently the only browser that does this without requiring third-party extensions or plugins.

Stands to reason that Redmond wants to use the Windows platform to establish and promote Microsoft services, particularly the Bing search engine. Competitors were never going to let this happen without a little fight, and that’s the reality of the computing landscape.

Mozilla is irked by the fact that Windows 10, in its installation process, sets Edge as the default browser for anyone that uses the Express settings. Furthermore, replacing it without another choice is a bit harder this time.

At least for less experienced users.

That said, Mozilla is one of the few browser developers that have embraced the new Windows 10 platform. This latest release of Firefox includes what they call thoughtful tweaks to the user interface.

Bolder icons, a look that is more in line with Microsoft’s new OS, as well as menus that take a little less space than previews versions of the web browser, leaving more room for web content.

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