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New Windows 10 Build 10525

I receive Insider builds  via fast ring I'm excited... the Insider Program is going to continue. People that have joined the preview program now have a new build of Windows 10 available to them.

Windows Update  TH2 Pro  Build 10525 is the first build released since 10240 was shipped out in July

READ : Windows 10 RTM (TH1 build 10240) -- download full version, before release date

What's new in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10525 - DEVELOPING

  •     New color options

  •     Base for Object RTC support

And further
  •     Improved memory management

NOTE: Not recommended if your  hardware vendor stop supporting new drivers.
Example AMD VGA card  if not drivers not support your resolution will drop
In my case  I lost my Laptop Bluetooth again..


No new ISOs have been provided [because] it wants insiders to try out the upgrade path. (this what i do)

Window 10 is upgraded to a new build using the PC Settings Download & Install method, Microsoft uses the ESD file format to deliver install files needed. ESD stands for Electronic Software Delivery, the Windows install.esd file contains the usual Windows install.wim file (WIM = Windows Imaging), encrypted and compressed. Install.wim file in its turn contains everything needed for a complete Windows installation. 

Fortunately, the ESD files that Microsoft uses to ship these new builds allow anyone to create new ISOs.  
( I think there will be unofficial ISO available on torrent  )

Update I create my own  ISO again but x64 only.. I will upload it later on Google Drive or MS One Drive.

Download link for  Windows 10 build 10525


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