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Sign Out Google Account On All Devices Remotely

Sign Out of Gmail Remotely

You want to force logout on all devices signed into your Google account ?

To make Gmail sign you out of all sessions that may be open on other computers and Mobile devices:

1. Login into your gmail

2. Click Details under Last account activity at the bottom of Gmail.
3. Now click Sign out all other sessions.

This will disable any future action in all other Gmail sessions.

Note that the open sessions may still display your Inbox or a message that will only disappear when some action, say opening a conversation, is performed; and that
other users may be able to log back into Gmail if your user name and password are stored in the browser. If you suspect that, make sure you change your password.

For more secured Account  have 2-step authentication set up

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If you want to remove device like Mobile and apps in your account...

Visit : https://myaccount.google.com/security#connectedapps

Click Manage Apps

You can remove Device, any apps  or website.
Example here if you want to remove COC  "Clash of Clan" kung adik na asawa at anak mo pero baka  isumpa ka nya  LOL  

From now, Clash of Clans can’t access to your Google account and load the old data anymore. You can also use this method to disconnect your village with a stolen device.

You can also find and remotely lock or factory reset your mobile device:
Read here how  :  Find my phone

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