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A new piece of Adware "eFast Browser" that replaces your entire browser with fake Google Chrome

Security researchers have uncovered a new piece of Adware that replaces your entire browser with a dangerous copy of Google Chrome, in a way that you will not notice any difference while browsing.
The new adware software, dubbed "eFast Browser," works by installing and running itself in place of Google Chrome.

The eFast Browser is based on Google's Chromium open-source software, so the browser maintains the look and feel of Google Chrome at first glance, tricking users into believing that they are using the legitimate Chrome browser. 

The malicious computer program comes from a company calling itself Clara Labs, who developed a slew of similar browsers under titles such as BoBrowser, Unico, and Tortuga.

The thing that makes this Adware different from others is that instead of taking control over your browser, eFast Browser uses a deceiving method of replacing your entire browser with a malicious copy of Chrome.

In a report published Malwarebytes detailed that the nefarious software attempts to delete Chrome and itself takes its place, allowing it to hijack several file associations including HTML, JPG, PDF, and GIF, as well as URLs associations including HTTP, HTTPS, and MAILTO.

It also places a set of shortcuts to popular sites on your desktop which are all set to open with the eFast browser.

The adware does all kinds of malicious activities that we have seen quite often over the years:

  • Generates pop-up, coupon, pop-under and other similar ads on your screen
  • Placing other advertisements into your web pages
  • Redirects you to malicious websites containing bogus contents
  • Tracking your movements on the web to help nefarious marketers send more crap your way to generating revenue
eFast Browser is just another Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), according to PCrisk, which tries to get itself on your PC by burrowing itself into the free software installers from dubious sources on the web.

Therefore, having eFast Browser installed on your machine may lead to serious privacy issues or even identity theft.

You can download or manually remove eFast  available at  www.pcrisk.com

STEP 1. Uninstall eFast Browser application using Control Panel.
STEP 2. Remove eFast Browser adware from Internet Explorer.
STEP 3. Remove eFast Browser ads from Google Chrome.
STEP 4. Remove 'Ads by eFast Browser' from Mozilla Firefox.
STEP 5. Remove eFast Browser ads from Safari.
eFast Brows

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