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Chewbacca Arrested While illegally Campaigning And Driving Without A License For Darth Vader In Ukraine

Ukrainian police used the Force when Chewbacca campaigned for the Dark Side. Cops in Odessa wrestled with a man in a Wookiee costume and fined him less than $8 Sunday for illegally campaigning and driving without a license after he dropped Darth Vader off at the polls.

Vader — who is running for mayor of Odessa under the Internet Party of Ukraine — told cops Chewbacca didn’t need a license because the hairy beast is his “pet and general servant.”

Here's what happens when you turn to the Dark Side.

The person dressed as the legendary Wookie was reportedly accused of violating a law that forbids campaigning on election day. 

“Nothing unusual here, just Chewbacca detained for being without documents while driving Darth Vader to the elections in Odessa,” Ukraine police posted on their Instagram account alongside a photo of cops tackling Chewie.

Still, police accused the "Star Wars" Wookiee wannabe of violating election laws, which forbid candidates and their supporters from campaigning on Election Day.

Video showed a mob of cops wrestle with Chewbacca outside the polling station as Darth Vader’s theme music “The Imperial March,” blasted in the background. The officers slammed him on the hood of a car, cuffed him and hauled him off to jail.


Chewbacca even appeared in court, looking just a little worse for the wear:

Vader was running for mayor of Odessa under the Ukrainian Internet Party, which backed 16 Vader's bids in last year's parliamentary elections.

It’s not clear if Vader ever cast his ballot.

The man, still in full Chewie costume, appeared in court Monday. He was fined 170 hryvnia — about $7.50, the Guardian reported.

Tallying the election results — including the outcome of Vader’s bid for Odessa — will not be completed for a few more days.

Politician Darth Vaders are common in Ukraine: 16 of them ran in last year’s parliamentary election. Nearly all of them are backed by the Internet Party, which aims to bring a sense of humor to the county’s tense, sometimes fraudulent elections.

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