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Google Now is Listening… and Recording too

Google is not just listening to your searches, but the search engine is also recording and storing every single voice search you make.
OK, Google is Listening… and Recording too.
Google is incredibly accurate at understanding your voice. The company secretly stores its users' searches from its voice-activated assistant Google's Voice Search and search feature Google Now to turn up relevant advertisements as well as improve the feature.
But what many of you do not realize is that after every voice searches you made, Google makes a recording of it and stores it in a remote part of your account.

Listen to Your Own Voice Recorded by Google

However, it's no surprise to know that Google is recording our voice because it's nothing new, Microsoft Virtual Assistant  "Cortana" do record your voice also.

Listen to your own voice recording by visiting your "Voice & Audio Activity" page in the Google Dashboard and you will find a list of all the voice searches you have made.

You can delete your voice recordings. 

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