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Local Firm NTEK Systems Unveils Security Products at Hong Kong Expo, Bids Share of Robust Asian Tech Market

MANILA, Philippines – October 26, 2015 – Unveiling an array of smart access control solutions,Philippine-based NTEK Systems took to center stage the future of security technologies at this year’s Fall edition of the Global Sources’ electronic sourcing show. Held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, the tradeshow ran from October 11, 2015 until October 14, 2015. The event gathered thousands of key consumer electronics providers and buyers from across the Asian region.

“Asia, no doubt, has transitioned into a major tech hub and our participation at this event, along with the others, goes to show the confidence we place on the region as a key market for security-based solutions,” said NTEK Systems global sales manager Ian Gollaba.

An emerging tech industry player, NTEK Systems notably brought to the exhibition the same range of next-generation and IoT-focused technologies that most analysts tabbed as the imperative technologies of the future. 

 Global Sources Electronics Show

“The demand curve for the consumer electronics is changing the technology landscape,” noted Gollaba, emphasizing that innovation has never been greater and the shift is accelerating advancements at all levels of technology creation. “It’s the reason why we view our latest security-based products like DoorTalk, Smart Entry, and DoorPad as platforms for an even more advanced innovations,” he said.

DoorTalk, a SIP-enabled video intercom and access control solution, explained Gollaba, is designed to work in an IoT environment with full capability for home and enterprise automation implementation.

“DoorTalk can be integrated with our biometrics-equipped access control system called Smart Entry and VoIP-based communication and home automation control called DoorPad,” he added.

As the Asian consumer electronics trade remains highly prospected to grow in the coming years, NTEK Systems’ vice-president for sales Michael Aranzamendez expressed optimism on the skyrocketing potential of smart security solutions in the regional market. “This notwithstanding the recently far-reaching economic woes precipitated by China’s financial volatility,” stressed Aranzamendez, mentioning that Asia is economically growing, and the increasing demand for security-based solutions focused on IoT will only boost the industry in terms of innovation output. 

 Global Sources Electronics Show place "AsiaWorld -Expo"

Aranzamendez pointed out that “while it is logical to be concerned about the state of regional economy, and despite the legitimacy of concerns on economic slowdown, it can’t be ruled out that the market jitters, especially in the tech industry segment can be a little bit overestimated.”

Noting the large attendance and a picture of vibrancy in the Global Sources’ show floor, Aranzamendez said that “unless there’s a solidly crippling economic meltdown, growth in the security technology,

specifically, in the access control solutions sector will not be completely hamstrung by an occasional financial market gyration.”

“Events like Global Sources’ electronic sourcing show attest to the upward trajectory in the tech innovation and consumer electronics markets. That’s why we’re here.” he added.

Banking on the showcase of its smart security products in Hong Kong, NTEK System’s marketing manager Norman Pardalis also took note of the surging interest on access control solutions like DoorTalk, Smart Entry, and DoorPad. Speaking at the sidelines of the event, Pardalis attributed the interest to the demands for a “connected world” through technology. “While IoT has yet to be made mainstream, the appeal of solutions like what we have is more directly related to the basic, genuine, and real-life necessities and wants, such as security, convenience, and comfort,” said Pardalis.

 NTEK Booth with Visitors Testing DoorTalk

“Exhibition platforms like Global Sources events contribute to the general interest on innovative security solutions. As we demonstrate through our products the key capabilities of some of the best-in-class security-based technologies today, we look forward to serving the Asian market while also producing more innovations for global consumption,” he added.


About NTEK Systems, Inc.

NTEK Systems, Inc. is a global company that engineers and manufactures smart devices and intelligent solutions for diverse markets around the globe. It conceptualizes designs, develops, and manufactures products for global multi-industry enterprises and corporations. NTEK Systems is also engaged in hardware and software engineering and product customization for varied clients that range from government agencies, to home and business organizations. Developed with Korean technology, the company’s products provide effective solutions all aimed to simplify the way people live and do business. Directed towards the Internet of Things (IoT), and building on its capability to deliver machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies, NTEK Systems helps clients and partners achieve growth through technological convergence. Innovating since 2004, the company’s milestones as a multinational OEM and ODM company were ushered both by vision and a robust workforce. Currently, NTEK System’s diverse product line is a robust showcase of smart devices related to communication, multimedia, and information. It is committed to the nurturing of innovation and shall continue building smart and innovative products designed to bring tomorrow’s technology in today’s market.

For more information about NTEK Systems, Inc. visit http://www.nteksystems.com/

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