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Microsoft accidentally released a test patch (KB3877432)

Microsoft accidentally released a test patch (KB3877432) to consumer machines running Windows 7, making users believe that the Windows Update service got hacked, and they are infected with malware.

The rogue patch, 4.3MB in size, advertised itself as a Windows Language Pack and flagged as an "Important" update, but featured strange and inaccessible URLs and lacked any detailed information.

A Windows user reported that after the successful installation of the patch, his laptop was "screwed after the update," describing frequent crashes and that it "killed [his] system and compromised [his] gear."

However, several hours later, a Microsoft spokesperson clear the air by confirming that the company had "incorrectly published a test update" and that they are "in the process of removing it."

It is still unclear what was inside the test patch, or whether the patch modified any Windows files, but the fact that the test patch was mistakenly released on the Windows 7 

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