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Tanim Bala (Bullet Planter) mobile game for Android

Personnel of the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) assigned at Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminals feel demoralized by recent developments on the "Tanim Bala (Bullet Planting)" scam being attributed to some of their colleagues.

Now NAIA Tanim Bala Gang reached Google Play.

Tanim Bala (Bullet Planter) mobile game for Android lets you control a possible victim of the ‘administrators’ and help him avoid the bullets to fall on his luggage and if they succeed.you'll end up paying $1000. Of course you would not let them do that!. Developed by Kulit Games.

The game is fairly simple and quick to play. You'd have to move the cursor from left to right as fast as you can to avoid the bullets that fall to your luggage. 

You can try game for yourself for free. Just here over to Google Play Store.


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