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Windows 10 disksnapshot command prompt pop since I updated to build 10576

I've noticed a command prompt window popping up a lot called disksnapshot since I updated to 10576. Any time I've searched it online, I've only found things about cloning the HD for reimaging. Is this something built into Windows that sends information back to MS or did something evil sneak into my machine?

Other user in reddit  says, It is part of windows, so no need to worry about malware. Purpose is unclear though.

It runs via a scheduled task called DiskFootprint and other user says, it's known issue with 10576 - not a virus, just a background task that shouldn't be launching a command window.

Currently downloading the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586.

According to Insider Hub they fix this issue on the release  Insider Preview Build 10586.

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