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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586 could be the Final Threshold Update 2

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586 could be the Final Threshold Update 2.
The new update will bring a plethora of additional features to the operating system that were originally slated for the RTM consumers.

Microsoft Threshold 2 will inculcate numerous customization options such adding an extra column to the Start and enable coloured title-bars. Microsoft Threshold 2 will incorporate a Messaging application that will consolidate your Skype chats, text messages, something that Google Hangout has done. The difference between Hangouts and the upcoming messaging app of Microsoft Threshold 2 is that the latter one will be integrated fully with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Besides this, Microsoft Edge will get some additional extensions.

We as Windows Insider  user , already have this TH2 Build , I already update 5 times Th2 build from 10525, build 10547, Build 10565, Build 10576 and now Build 10586

This build or  version 1511 is really focused on bug fixes and general improvements as it is very fast and smooth, and makes a great daily driver.

All the previous Th2 Build has watermark but this has None and the License is Pro not Insider Preview.

Latest Build with no Watermark

  Previews Th2 Build

My Blue Screen issue on Bluetooth Device is Fix here LOL no more BSOD on my Bluetooth Headset.

What's new with Threshold Update 2?

Threshold 2 will arrive as a new build for everyone, meaning this will be the first time since Windows 10 launched that an update will increase the build number of the operating system and take a little longer than usual to install. The idea however is that the consumer doesn’t notice much of a difference when upgrading, it’s simply supposed to be another update.  It’s an exciting time for Windows 10.

Microsoft Threshold 2 is that the latter one will be integrated fully with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. Microsoft Edge will get some additional extensions it Support Miracast and DLNA 

1. Media Casting in Microsoft Edge: 

You can now use Microsoft Edge to cast video, picture, and audio content from your browser to any Miracast and DLNA enabled device on your network. 

You can Read Full Details  click Here

Your laptop must support Miracast

sample here :

Click the Connect on Notification

When your Laptop support Miracast this will show up...

If not this will show up...


2. Nested Virtualization:

Microsoft has revealed that the latest Windows 10 Insider Th2 build 10565 Preview supports Nested Virtualization, which lets you launch a virtual machine within another virtual machine -- yes, you can run Windows inside of Windows inside of Windows. The trick is a new feature that supports hardware-based virtualization within a primary virtual machine, providing for that one extra layer. There are limits, of course.

Read the full detail click Here

3. A brighter messaging future:

Microsoft Threshold 2 will incorporate a Messaging application that will consolidate your Skype chats, text messages. You can view missed call and send text.

1.Have someone call your phone and don’t answer it. 
2.View the missed call notification on your PC. 
3.On your PC, reply with a text to the person who called you. Cortana will have the phone send the text.

4. Capture Slow-motion video:

Microsoft announce that you can now capture slow-motion video with Camera for Windows 10 on Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon phones. The latest Windows build now supports video capture of 120 fps in 720p resolution. To start capturing slow-motion video, select the Video button on the Camera screen, and then select the icon with the turtle.

Learn more click HERE

5. Improves Device Activation:

Windows 10 PC Th2 Build  Improves Device Activation  if your device doesn’t automatically activate after installation, you can now enter the product key that was used to activate the prior version of Windows on the same device, by going to Settings > Update & Security > Activation, and selecting ‘Change Product Key’.  If you prefer a clean install of Windows 10 by booting from media, you can now also enter the product key from prior Windows versions on qualifying devices during setup.

Read more about Improvement of device activation click HERE

6. Improvements to Startand enable coloured title-bars: 

The default for tile groups on Start is to have 3 columns of medium sized tiles, but we heard feedback from many Insiders who wanted the ability to have a 4th column as well, so they could have two wide or large sized tiles side by side in a group. In this build, you can enable this by going to the Settings app > Personalization > Start and enabling “Show more tiles”. And for the Insiders that want more than 512 tiles on Start; Th2 now support up to 2048.

7. Snapped apps become even snappier:

One of the joys of Windows 10 is Snap: Simply by holding the Windows key and an arrow key, you can quickly order a highlighted window into half or even a quarter of the screen. But if you want to fiddle with the alignment, you’re forced to manually resize one window, then the other until everything’s just so. A new toggle in the Settings app does away with this.

Parang Windows Cascading :P   Press Windows Logo + Arrow Key.

If you so choose, two windows snapped adjacent to one another can be adjusted by “grabbing” the border between the two and sliding the windows back and forth. Yes, that’s it: It’s an extremely subtle, simple, yet useful improvement.

Also, while in tablet mode, apps can now be snapped to the left and right. Apps can now be dismissed by swiping down—a feature that was originally part of Windows 8.

8. Windows 10 Memory Compression Feature:
 In Th2 we enabled the Memory Manager (MM) to compress infrequently-accessed memory pages which reduces the amount of reads and writes to the disk (pagefile) and therefore improves responsiveness. By compressing memory we reduce the amount of memory used per process, allowing the operating system to maintain more applications in physical memory at a time before enacting traditional paging. 

Learn more about Memory Compression click HERE

This are the summary of my review as Windows Insider user (Beta tester) .  I can make Bootable ISO with the ESD File from the windows Update.

Bootable  Th2 ISO is Done, I will upload my copy later....


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