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How To Turn On an Offline Computer With Android Free Wake-On-LAN Apps

You can turn on an offline computer with Android Phone via Free Wake-on-LAN Apps.

In this tutorial I teach you how to configure the free Android application WOL, boot your computers from afar by pushing the command from your phone to your home network.

This way, you can control an offline computer remotely by waking it up before you establish a connection.

For WoW (Wake On Wan), just set the broadcast address to be the remote IP address of the device. This may require some extra setup on the remote network to make sure that the wakeup packets actually arrive on the remote device.

If you're trying to wake up a device that is connected via WiFi it may not work, there's not many WiFi cards that support the WOL standard. WOL works best via an ethernet connection. Some devices such as laptops may not support WOL very well or at all. Some might only work when they are in sleep mode, and others might allow you to turn it on when it is powered off. 

Search any Free "Wake on Lan" on Google Play Store.

sample: WAKE ON LAN Apps by Mike Webb

If you can answer the following questions with "Yes", this is the appropriate method:
  1.     Is the target computer located in a network?
  2.     Is the target computer connected to the network using a network cable?
  3.     Is the target computer connected to the Internet via a router?
  4.     Does the router support port forwarding or port mapping?
  5.     Does the router have a public address? a fixed IP address or an public domain address
  6.     Does TeamViewer run with the operating system on the target computer (auto boot)?

If yes to all of the above, the following steps are necessary to use Wake-on-LAN via a public address:

1.Configure the hardware of the target computer

a.) Enable WOL on your computer Bios Power Management this might allow you even the power is off . BUT Even you can not find this on your Bios (sample Laptop) step b will work on sleep mode only.

b) Enable Wake up on LAN on your OS  (Device Manager) Select your LAN Card ( Ethernet Controller ) or WiFi Adapter (Note some WiFi don't support WOW wake up on WAN).  Go to Power Management check all the box magic packet etc.

c) Get your LAN or WLAN Device Info   IP Address and MAC Address , you can find that at your Network Sharing then  Network Connection right click go to properties click device info ( Details)
Sample here:
LAN MAC Address: 78:2B:CB:E0:C8:DF
LAN IP Address:

2.Configure the Router/Modem
Set Port Forwarding  on your Router/ Modem

Here I use Wimax Modem -there is No Port Forwarding,  but  Port Mapping is Okey for Local WAKE ON LAN.

  • Set Mapping Name : any you want
  • Set External and Internal Port : 9
  • Protocol set Both UDP/TCP
  • Internal Host : Your Computer Static IP ( You can add as many as you have)

3. Configure your  Android WOL Apps on the target computer.
Open your Apps  Search or Add Manually:
  • Device Name
  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Port 9 ( this is set by default)

 4. Wake up the target computer

Finally Press Wake! If you do all the steps above right, your computer will awake with  your android device remotely.

Note: Expert knowledge is recommended to configure Wake-on-LAN via a public address. The configuration process may differ substantially depending on the hardware used. It is also helpful, if you have some experience with the configuration of routers and networks.

Extra Tips: You can use remote PC too on this trick like TeamViewer that has Wake On Lan function.

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