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Facebook Profile Videos Is Now Available On Android User

Facebook employees have been making profile videos for a while, and many of them are disarmingly cute: faces surrounded by puppies, peering through bushes, or having their hair blown back by a ridiculous fan. Video profiles aren't required — you can stick with a static image — but I expect that they'll become enormously popular, assuming they become available to everyone. (The videos are previous being tested among small groups in the United States and the United Kingdom.)

Its was First available for iOS user, now rolling out for Android user.

 I already got one :p  your videos must be 2 to 5 seconds long any longer than that  will failed to upload.  You can use Android apps like "Snow" to make some special effects.

 Upload  a Video or Photo Option - If you this option not yet on your account don't worry it will come soon. It will available to everyone.



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