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A Tiny Battery Free Computer, Powered Wirelessly from Radio Waves - WSIP

Whenever you go to buy any electronic gadget — smartphone, laptop, or any wearable — the most important specification  its Battery size how much maH, which is not getting better any time soon.

What if you could eliminate the very thing entirely?
Power Bank? No!

A team of researchers from the University of Washington’s Sensor Lab and the Delft University of Technology has developed a new gadget that doesn’t need a battery or any external power source to keep it powered; rather it works on radio waves.

The device sucks radio waves out of the air and then converts them into electricity.

The discovery could highly transform the Internet of Things (IoT) world as the WISP is even more low maintenance compared to Bluetooth Low Energy sensor chips being used today.
The next step in making the WISP usability even more convenient and easy is to create Wisent that would allow for wireless programming of the WISP. For this, the team has recently collaborated with the Delft University of Technology.
With the help of Wisent, the WISP can be programmed wirelessly and uses the very same radio waves to communicate.

Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform (WSIP) -  the device is a combination sensor and computing chip that uses a standard off-the-shelf RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader to suck in radio waves and convert them into electricity.
Though the WISP is not designed to compete with the chips in your computer or even your smartphone, it has as much processing power as the Fitbit, which is enough to run sensors and transmit data.

What if  WISP is in fully realizing the Internet of Things and giving "dumb" objects some smartness, it might even find its way into smartphones as a sort of emergency backup calling module that works even when your phone’s battery is dead.

What if one day all small gadgets are battery free?

Last year a company  called Energous whose distance-charging technology (with the unfortunate name WattUp) introduce its RF Charger With a router like device you can charge you smart phone through the air literally.

You can read it here: This Transmitter Will Charge Your Gadgets Through The Air 

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