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How to Change Handy Cafe Client Banner or Login Screen Saver

It's been years when I post about handy cafe. There are already tutorial how to change the client banner on the web but someone ask me to post.

It is very important to have your own Computer Shop Name as a Banner on your Client.

On this tutorial you will learn how to change it even you are beginner.

Important :
Updated Handy Cafe Client, you can download software client update  here : http://www.handycafe.com/downloads.php

Resource Tuner , you can download Free trial here ( you don't need crack because you only use this once LOL ) :  http://www.restuner.com/

PNG IMAGE FILE ,  Size depend on your  Screen my sample image  size Batman vs Superman 25k pixel x16K pixel.

Software print screen.

Step by Step Tutorial

1. Login on your client as ADMIN then exit the client, Run the  Client update.

Username: ADMIN 
Password: PASSWORD 

This will be your new Banner after the Update.

2. Login as ADMIN again then exit the client  install and run the Resource Tuner. Click the Folder to Open File locate your handycafe folder.

3. Select the hndclient.exe 

4. Click Continue ..

5. Find the RC DATA  your will see 2 PNG image here , this are the Banner or login Screen Saver.

6. Right Click the PNG file, click Resource Tools then Replace Resource with.

7. Select your Custom Banner / Screen Saver image , you Banner should be PNG file.

8. Now after replacing the two PNG image, Save your File and your Done!!  Run your Handy Client.

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