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Electromagnet Captain America uses in Age of Ultron to retract his shield, and it actually works with replica Captain America shield. A man name James Hobson made a real Captain America Shield using Industrial Electromagnets that can lift up to 730 Kg with 7200N Power.

The idea for this project pop out after watching Avengers: Age of Ultron.

If you’re not familiar, it appears Captain America gets a suit upgrade (presumably from Stark himself) that features some pretty awesome embedded electromagnets allowing him to call his shield back to him from afar.

Now unfortunately, electromagnets aren’t that strong and it wouldn’t be able to achieve quite the same effect as good ol’ CGI.

The originally planned on making electromagnets using microwave oven transformers, similar to [Colin Furze’s] electromagnet boots, but ended up purchasing some industrial ones instead. At 12V they’re rated for 1200N, capable of lifting approximately 120kg. Using two, that’s 240kg — more than enough, right?


According to James Hobson it needed more power. "We crossed our fingers for engineering safety factors and slowly ramped up the voltage all the way to 72V. "

"Not being an actual superhero, my arm needs padding, lots and lots of padding. So we started with a pair shin / knee pads that happen to fit my arm pretty well, provide good padding, and good structure to mount to. Next, we welded up a frame around the bracer with a handle to hold onto. A good strong handle is essential for holding the 30lbs of magnets and shield. The handle is also a good place for the button so we cut out a pocket and dropped in a 50A momentary push button. A little bit of hockey tape and was good to go."

 The hacksmith GIF  powering this monster with 3 lithium polymer battery packs from hobby king. Lithium batteries are awesome. Each of these batteries can pump out up to 175A at 24V.

"It was then time for the magnets. We first experimented with the primary coil of a microwave transformer and these worked pretty well. Good strength but a lot of current and a lot of heat which is a problem for wearable tech. Magnetic force if linearly proportional to both the number of coils and current. Therefore by increasing the number of coils, we can reduce the current and heat while maintaining the same magnetic force. Instead of winding thousands of coils ourselves, we bought some industrial electromagnets from Amazon.  These things are powerful! At just 12v and 1.5A they will lift over 260 lbs. That means by running them at 72V, each magnet will pull close to 1600lbs… for a short period of time before they overheat and burn out. I love safety factors. Conveniently, they also come with an m8 threaded hole on the back so we bolted them right onto the arm bracer.  For the purpose of expedience, we ignored the fact that electromagnets are large inductors will probably destroy our 50A power button. It’s ok. They are cheap."

Captain America is nothing without his shield… MachinaProps makes solid aluminum replica shields and replica Captain American leather jacket from SleekHides on Amazon. . These things are the real deal. Check out how they make them below.

From there, it was time to suit up and put this electromagnet gauntlet — and the shield — through their paces.

Watch the James Hobson Youtube test video is finally out Check it out! :

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