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Lately, Flash launched a “Life with Metal” photography campaign on its official website, covering six countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Notably, this event is not merely a photography campaign, for it has sent an important signal that “Flash is soon to launch a new product”. On the homepage of the event, it is said that Flash is going to select 10 excellent photographs from each country that will be displayed with signature of photographers during the new product launch event. Also, the prize-winning photographers of every country will each get a new smart phone as a gift. Does this suggest that Flash is soon to hold the new product launch event and release the latest smart phone?

Yes! Flash seems to be planning to launch a new device very soon.

According to a source :
  • The Flash’s new phone is fitted with a Helio P10, high-end brand of MediaTek, which supports switching between applications seamlessly.
  • Cooperating with Texas Instrument, Flash’s new phone is going to kill the battery range anxiety by providing a 3 times faster than normal 5V 1Ahm charging solution.

An even bolder guess would be that from the theme of the photography competition - “Life with Metal”, we could probably tell something about the new smart phone’s configuration. Does taking photos of metal objects in life indicate the two selling points of the new phone - metal and photography?  Will the new product be made in metal and have an exceptional visual and photographic function?

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