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How to play and download 3D SBS and 360 videos on Android VR Headset

The two main factors to consider are the resolution and the gyroscope.
Many NEW phones have gyroscopes, but many phones only a year old do not. The new VR and AR applications for smartphones such as google cardboard give a totally new use for everyday smartphones. Hence the need for a gyroscope. My phone has an octo core processor ( Alcatel Flash 2), yet doesn't have a gyro.

Also make sure the phone has Full HD(1920x1080) Display coz on HD display(1280x720) phone you'll see tiny pixels when you see them through the head mount.You're GPU should be on the high end as well to rendering everything twice over for VR.

The gyroscope, or gyro for short, adds an additional dimension to the information supplied by the accelerometer by tracking rotation or twist. An accelerometer measures linear acceleration of movement, while a gyro on the other hand measures the angular rotational velocity.Angular velocity is generally expressed in deg/s (degrees per second). 

You can still use accelerometer you can look Up and Down /tilt on 180 or 360 videos or VR app games , but no Left or Right or rotational viewing.

The only work around I have heard of, is someone figured out a way to use a bluetooth/remote, gyroscope mouse. then attached it ti the vr headset.goofy looking, but it apparently worked. 

How to play SBS and 360 videos on android VR Headset

1.  Download VR player on Google play there lots free VR player to choose. Sample is VaRs  VR video player.

2. Select Your Videos on Gallery

3. The VaRs players user friendly. 

Select No VR - If you playing already split into two videos, dedicated to 3D video that has been shot in side by side (SBS) format.

Select STATIC - If your watch ordinary video none  180 or 360 this is like watching movie on Cinema.

Select (Blank) - If you want the screen moving (if follows your head movement) it doesn't matter if is a normal movie

Select  Vertical or Horizontal - This are special mostly 360 or 180 videos split into two they are Vertical or Horizontal.

Sample Videos

How to Download 3D SBS and 360 videos on Android

 1. Download Tubemate or Google the OsmTubemate , Tubemate support many videos hosting site like Facebook, YouKu , Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube.

 2.  Search any 360 videos, click the download button and select best format for your device.

NOTE: If you select 1920 and up  you need to install "Mp3 Video Converter" Tubemate will ask you to install it ( pop out a new tab link Google Playstore) to convert the AAC audio correctly.

Now  you can watch 180 and 360 degree video on your VR Headgear. Happy Viewing!!

YouTube had teased VR enthusiats back in March 2015 with the addition of 360 video support for mobile devices and Chrome, as well as support for 60 FPS video—two things that point towards a strong interest in VR. Followed by Facebook and other Videos hosting site.

With a recent update to the Android YouTube app, Google Cardboard-compatible smartphones can now view 360-degree video in side-by-side configuration.

The video streaming giant quietly rolled out VR support for their 2D 360-degree videos earlier this month, with no official mention in either their blog or other official information outlets. Only monoscopic videos are currently among those supported for VR viewing.

To access the VR function on 360 videos, first search for the videos by typing #360Video into the mobile app’s search field. Compatible videos should show the symbol below.

You can then pick a video and start playback. You’ll then have the option to switch to VR mode. Just touch the Google Cardboard icon.

On the lower right-hand side and insert your Android smartphone into VR or AR Headgear. Now look around and check it out! .

Everything is possible if you change another way looking to this world. -VR BOX

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