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Blog My Tuts RSS Reader - Android App

Most of the readers of this blog are fairly tech savvy, so will probably already know what RSS is. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a way for people to subscribe to the exact content they want from your (and other) sites by pulling it from an XML file on your site into a reader (such as Bloglines).

The internet is overloaded with content. Even if you only set out to read the most important articles and watch the top videos, you'll never get done.

Just staying up-to-date and informed is a challenge. You have news to read, blogs to check, and YouTube hits you've got to watch. But instead of opening each site a half-dozen times a day, you can use an RSS app to curate your content automatically.

There's two main types of RSS readers: online RSS services, and native RSS apps. The former run automatically in the background, finding new articles as soon as they're published. You can read articles online, or typically sync them with apps for your phone or computer—either made by the RSS service, or from third-party developers.

BMT RSS Reader is a native RSS apps for Android you can get the latest post form blogmytuts.net , plus Android Central, Symbianize, and Engadget.

Within the post instant share, translate, copy link, and change theme/text size.

Feature! You can Add custom Podcast, weblinks or RSS on the Explorer Menu. Now you have 1 app Reader to all.

App Permision :

Ver 1.0 File Size 10MB
Google Drive

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