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Globe Telecom activated its first cell site supporting the 700MHz frequency (4G Extended)

A week after its deal to purchase part of San Miguel Corporation's telecommunications business, including prized radio frequencies, Globe Telecom on Monday activated its first cell site supporting the 700MHz frequency.

Last week, the NTC approved for Globe's use the frequencies 703 to 720.5 and 758 to 775.5 MHz.
Globe purchased the SMC assets along with rival Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), with both telcos promising performance improvements in mobile internet speed.

In a Facebook Post :

Just in! Globe fires up 1st 700MHz cell site in Diliman.

Globe Telecom today showed NTC officials the 1st fully operational 700MHz cell site in Diliman, QC. Speed tests showed 60-100Mbps (for 700Mhz enabled devices) mobile internet speed.

More areas will soon experience the benefits of 700MHz as Globe starts to roll out the new spectrum. #WeWant1stWorldInternetPH

NOTE : Maintenance po nyan sa ibang Frequency like Wimax  or connected no browse.

Now what is 700MHz ?

The 4G spectrum at 700MHz called 4G Extended. This provides better coverage in rural locations and is more effective at penetrating walls and buildings. The 700MHz spectrum used to be reserved for free-to-air TV (specifically UHF channels 52 through 69), the old analogue network that’s now been shut down and as such has been relicensed to us to use on mobile networks.

 Learn more about 700MHz  read Here

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