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Google testing new tool to check internet speeds straight from search results

For years Ookla has dominated internet speed test traffic, but Netflix recently unveiled a simpler option. Now,Google appears to be testing a new widget that lets users check their internet speed directly in search results.

As shown in this screen shot shared via a tweet from Moz marketing scientist Dr. Pete Meyers, a Google search for “check internet speed” returned the internet speed test widget with a “Run Speed Test” button.

Google is actually lagging in consumer speed testing, because in addition to Ookla and Netflix, rival Bing already shows speed test results straight from search. 

In a FAQ page, Google explains that its own test takes about 30 seconds and consumes 9.4 MB of data in the US. The Measurement Lab was first launched in 2009 with the aim of "sustaining the Internet as an open platform for consumer choice and innovation," according to co-founder and internet pioneer Vin Cerf.

Powered by Measurement Labs, Google’s internet speed widget seems to be in test mode, as it doesn’t display for all users entering the same “check internet speed” search phrase.

You can try the query yourself, but it doesn't appear to be live for the majority of users. You'll likely get a similar result from Google's Measurement Labs "NDT" tool.

Source: Dr. Pete Meyers (Twitter), Google Support,  

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