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Homemade Portable 200W “laser bazooka”

Have you ever played with a laser pointer? Those usually cap out at around 0.005 watts.

This guy built a “laser bazooka” that, at 200 watts, comes in at about 40,000 times stronger than that.

YouTuber and insane laser electrician Styropyro has outdone himself once again. While his previous experiments have led to a homebuilt lightsaber and a dangerous laser shotgun, this time has more than added more than five times the power to create a massive, 200W "laser bazooka."

While YouTuber styropyro built his bazooka out of materials torn from a bunch of broken DLP projectors and “a stack of lithium batteries,” this… isn’t something you should build at home. It’s fully capable of starting fires if you point it at the wrong thing, and would permanently wreck unprotected eyes (note his MASSIVE WELDING MASK) in no time flat.

The total power consumption is nearly a kilowatt, Styropyro says, or roughly the same as a microwave oven.

Appropriately enough, the device was built from scrap metal and the blue laser diodes ripped out of some broken DLP projectors. The lasers from the projector are run through an optical component called a knife-edger, which combines them into one retina-searing beam that can toast a piece of 2x4 in seconds. In fact, the the resulting beam is so powerful, our homebrewed mad scientist also had rig up a special welding helmet just to operate it. In other words: don't try this at home, kids.

Source: Styropyro (YouTube).

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