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How to check if your one of the Million Account Leaked floating around the Internet

Everyone freaks out over millions of Twitter accounts passwords floating around. The hackers when they see account details floating around in the recent LinkedIn data breach, from which they took his SHA1-hashed password string and then broke it and tried on several social media accounts.

Troy Hunt, an independent researcher who operates "Have I Been Pwned?" site, reached out to a number of the victims who confirmed to Hunt that the leaked credentials were legitimate. 

Since the passwords have been initially encrypted with the SHA1 algorithm, with "no salt," it just took 'LeakedSource', the paid search engine for hacked data, 72 hours to crack roughly 90% of the passwords.

To check your email if you are also pwned!! Change password immediately!!
visit : https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Implements new security measures to boost users security

There's no word on exactly how many accounts in the database checked out, Still, it's always a good time to reset your password just in case, use unique passwords on every account. 

So what else can you do to protect yourself?  
Enable two-factor authentication wherever available.

Use ->> SMS or phone calls to perform the second bit of authentication

Get notified when it looks like someone else is trying to access your account. Use your phone as an extra layer of security to keep other people from logging into your account. Even if anyone knows your email/user  and password they cannot  continue to login, this is what a Extra Layer Security for Anti Thief or Anti-Hack.

But in this case, the hacker went a step further, by hijacking phone number with the help of Verizon customer service.

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